Your First Consultation Appointment

Generally, the first appointment will be for a consultation with a physician who specializes in your condition or disease and the corresponding treatment protocols. Prior to the appointment, your relevant medical records will be requested and reviewed by the consulting physician.

Upon arrival at our office, you will check in with the front desk receptionist. She will have you fill out all of the necessary new patient paperwork, scan your insurance card/s, input the data into our computer system and collect your office co-pay (if applicable).

The medical assistant will then call you back into an examination room. At this time she will take your temperature, blood pressure, and any other vital information the doctor may need.

The physician will come into the room and do an examination based upon your specific needs. This medical consulation appointment generally lasts from 15 to 40 minutes. During this appointment, appropriate treatment options will be suggested and explained. Topics discussed may include treatment, specific procedures and management of follow-up care. If further clinical information is needed, the medical assistant may order laboratory work and/or diagnostic procedures.

If it is determined that a surgical procedure is necessary, you will either meet with a surgery scheduler at that time or a scheduler will call you. She will set up your procedure with the hospital,  and once that surgery time is confirmed, you will be given all pertinent information which will include the date, time and all pre-operative instructions. Our insurance/benefits coordinator will also contact you with an estimate of what your portion of the procedure will cost. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (509) 747-6194.

After you have met with the surgeon and all test results have been evaluated, he/she will dictate a comprehensive letter to the referring physician summarizing your case and the proposed treatment plan.

If you cannot keep an existing appointment, please contact us as soon as possible. Our policy requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel your scheduled appointment. This will allow us to reschedule you sooner, as well as schedule someone else for the original appointment date and time.

Our website lists all of the insurance companies we are contracted with. Please check to make sure that yours is one of them. As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance company for you. You will receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your insurance company. This is not a bill. This information on the EOB helps you understand how your benefits were applied to that particular claim. It includes the service date, provider’s name, amount billed, amount covered, amount paid and any balance you are responsible for paying. It also tells you how much has been applied to your deductible.

Your health plan may stipulate that you are responsible for co-pays, deductibles and non-covered services. Surgical Specialists of Spokane is contractually obligated to collect these amounts at the time services are provided.

If your visit is due to any injury and will be a Worker’s Compensation Claim, or if your visit is due to an automobile accident and an insurance company will be paying, we will facilitate the billing process for you by billing the corresponding party until the claim is paid or denied. If it is an automobie accident, we will also pursue the secondary medical insurance for you until it is paid or denied.