The Day Of Your Surgery

It is important to be at the hospital at the time given to you by your surgery scheduler. The time before your surgery is a very busy and Important time. You will meet with a nurse, your surgeon and the anesthesiologist, as well as getting prepared for your surgery.

Shower or bathe the morning of your procedure.

Do not wear any make up or perfumed deodorants or use hairspray.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that can be folded easily for storage.

Do not wear any jewelry.

Do not bring any valuable items with you to the hospital.

Make sure you read your discharge instructions carefully and follow up with your surgeon as directed. You will need to be seen in our office for a post-operative appointment. Please call our office to make that appointment after your surgery.

Your operation may be cancelled if these instructions are not followed.

Anesthesiologists or physicians may modify the above guidelines based on the procedure, patient characteristics or clinical situation.