At The Hospital

Your surgeon and anesthesia provider will visit you before you are taken into the operating room.

In the operating room, nurses help you onto the operating table.
They may give you medication through your IV.
You might he sedated, have a portion of your body numbed or be asleep for your surgery. The anesthesiologist will discuss the appropriate plan for your OBIS with you.
Nurses in a special unit called the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) care for you while you awaken from anesthesia.

Post anesthesia care unit (PACU)

Your nurse gives you medication to help manage your pain.
Your blood pressure and dressings are checked often.
Depending upon the type of surgery you have had, you may have some drainage tubes.

In Patients:

After surgery, you will be in the PACU for 1-2 hours, and then you will be admitted to your room on a surgical unit.

We suggest you bring the following into the hospital with you: slippers, robe, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb/brush, razor and other personal care items.

Family members can check with the nurses for instructions regarding where to wait to talk with the surgeon.


If you have been given a sedating medication or anesthetic, you will NOT be allowed to drive yourself home after surgery. Please make arrangements for someone to drive you home.

Arrange for a capable adult to check on you after surgery.

Important things to remember

Notify your surgeon of any change in your health such as a cold, flu, bronchitis or an infection of any kind which develops before you come for surgery.  Your surgeon may decide to delay your surgery until after you have recovered.